Network Videowall Solution

Video walls are becoming more and more popular in a large variety of verticals due to new and innovative technology solutions that enable more capabilities at lower costs and higher accessibility.

Yet, the majority of businesses are still using controllers or Video Walls servers for their installations. Usually the results are disappointing: prices are still very high, centrally managing the units remains difficult and scalability of systems by end users is impossible.

Neomedia Video Walls Solution offers a more affordable, powerful, robust and easier way to set up and control your video wall screens for your Network Operations Center, Central Command Center etc.


Why Choose Us

  • Use a standard PC to manage your Video Walls
  • You don’t need to install any additional video cards on the host PC
  • No need for those splitters, cable extenders or any cumbersome infrastructure
  • Enjoy the freedom of placing the central PC anywhere within the local area network
  • Easily create eye catching video walls that runs Videos, Images, HTML5 content and a variety of external sources