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Mall advertising is the last window of influence on the consumer’s path to purchase as consumers can be influenced up to 30 minutes before they spend. Additionally, 36% of shoppers will visit a store after seeing an ad, 43% will make unplanned or spontaneous purchases and 73% come into malls feeling happy and in a positive mindset. Malls are the perfect environment to connect with receptive audiences looking to spend and splurge.

Neo Media Ltd has now opened up its mall network platform to advertisers and brands seeking to capture a unique and influential demographic, as they shop for various products, services and experiences Be part of this opportunity by booking your preferred ad slots with us.

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Mall advertising makes sure that your products or services stand out when shoppers are evaluating their purchase decisions.

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9 out of 10 shoppers have seen OOH advertising in the half hour immediately before shopping making mall advertising the last window of influence.


More impact and more conversions for less dollars. Mall advertising is simply the most cost-effective advertising solution.

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Whether you are a media advertising agency looking for a Mall Advertising campaign or an independent business interested in a single site, Neo Media Ltd can help you drive sales and generate brand awareness, all in a point of sale environment where consumers are ready to buy. Mall advertising is the most cost-effective advertising solution and with its close proximity to the sales floor, the perfect medium to drive traffic to a particular outlet or to help influence those key final purchasing decisions.