JKIA Digital Advertising

Airport digital displays provide clients with the most current technology to showcase their campaign. Digital advertising delivers the power of influence for advertisers. It provides stunning notice-ability, moving imagery, a story-telling screen, day-part flexibility, a channel for live updates, up-to-the-minute changes and a route to further consumer interaction.


  • Value for money – You can run more than one campaign during the same period purchased.
  • Visibility – Your ad will broadcast on multiple screens all over the airport at the same time.
  • Flexibility – You will have the ability to change your ads more often and run multiple brands.
  • Targeted advertising – You will have the opportunity to tailor your messages for travelers departing JKIA and those arriving in Nairobi.
  • Brand retention – Your brand will be remembered more as each ad will be repeated several times all day all over the airport.