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Neo Media Ltd is a Leading Interactive Digital Marketing Company

Dealing in strategic advertising development, promotions, supply, manufacture,installation and maintenance of all types of indoor and outdoor signage, image and promotional materials.

JKIA Digital Advertising

Airport digital displays provide clients with the most current technology to showcase their campaign. Digital delivers the power of influence for advertisers. It provides stunning notice-ability, moving imagery, a story-telling screen, day-part flexibility, a channel…

Digital Hand Sanitizer

Neo Media is proud to introduce digital hand sanitizing dispensers that are a great way to promote health and stop the spread of Covid 19 at public amenities and spaces while also providing digital signage to communicate with users.

Network Videowall Soluton

Neomedia Video Walls Solution offers a more affordable, powerful, robust and easier way to set up and control your video wall screens for your Network Operations Center, Central Command Center etc.

Digital Signage

Migrate from your analogue advertising boards to the digital world of LED screens, not only do they increase the aesthetic appeal of your retail/branch layout, your information is now displayed in HIGH DEFINITION (HD). Utilizing digital signage software…

Audience Aware Campaign

Our solution lets you have  interactive campaigns on digital screens at the airport, by defining “what content to display for what audience”.The system  analyzes the audience composition and  displays preset content that fits the  criteria conditions

Interactive Booths

Interactivity provides deeper engagement with your audience. Until now, most advertising has been a one-way, passive encounter. Today, digital signage is coming alive with Experiential Stations/Stands that provide your customers with uniquely personal experiences …


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